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Heart & Mind of Leadership

What if you could "live" a different life for three days and "experience" a different side of yourself?

Date: 7th to 11th October

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Sanuja Bhat, Ncell

I was very excited to get this training. Really it was very helpful to overcome stress. We learned many tips to get rid of stress, and I will be applying those in my life. Thank you for this training.
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Rajesh Pathak
Business Consultant

Phone: 981 346 1049
Email : kabuleader@gmail.com

Frequently Asked Questions:


What is the meaning of ‘Kabule’ ?

‘Kabule’ means ‘tortoise’ in one of the indigenous languages of Nepal.

Tortoise has many symbolic meanings in the East. In Hindu mythology, tortoise is the second avtar (incarnation) of Lord Vishnu.

As the story goes, demons and deities were constantly engaged in battles. So, in order to transform their conflict into construction, Lord Vishnu asked both parties to churn the sea so that they could extract many valuables. When they started churning, the log they used for churning could not stand upright because the seabed was too soft. When they went to Lord Vishnu for a solution, he incarnated as a tortoise and rest on the seabed. The log was put on the tortoise’s back and thus churning was possible.

The morale of the story is that true leaders need not always stay on the top. They are willing to put themselves at the very bottom, depending upon the situation.
A tortoise moves slowly, but it manages to catch fish. It outlives all creatures.

[The above photo of sea-churning (Samudra Manthan) is taken at Bangkok airport by R. Manandhar.]

What does Kabule do?

Kabule’s objective is to unleash the potentials within — as individuals or organizations. Our aim is in two folds — we facilitate you to discover the greatness that lies within you and at the same time, we equip you with the practical skills that will put you miles ahead of the competition in the market.

Our expertise is in following three areas:

Leadership and Management Excellence: We deliver one-day and longer programs on leadership, management, communication, teambuilding, motivation, responsibility, et cetera using a host of innovative methods.

Social development: Our trainers and experts have long experiences in community development. They deliver training and consultancy on different topics related to community development, such as project designing, social mobilization, organizational development, monitoring and documentation, report writing, et cetera.

Corporate Coaching and counseling: Many of our trainers are also corporate coaches, psychological counselors and psychosocial workers. They train teachers on positive discipline, develop packages on life skills education and psychosocial counseling. We also coach and counsel professionals one-on-one to cater their specific development needs.

Our Approach

At Kabule, we work holistically at four levels of intelligence. The principle we have adopted are from Stephen R Covey and this is further coached by senior trainer at Kabule, Kiran Gulrajani, CEO of CoEvolve, Pune, India. The principles are as follows:

THE MIND (THINKING or IQ): Developing healthy mindsets, like shifting from blaming to claiming; openness to learning; balance; recognizing limiting patterns and transforming them through awareness and action.

THE HEART (FEELING) or Emotional Intelligence (EQ): How to understand and master this realm... by transforming anger, sadness and fear into creative energy; connecting with the feelings of our own and others; and understanding the vital world of relationships.

THE BODY (ACTION) or Physical Intelligence (PQ): We are often divorced from our body’s intelligence — how to connect with it through breath and movement to unleash vibrant energy and action; and understanding space and time to go beyond it.

THE SPIRIT (ESSENCE) or Spiritual Intelligence (SQ): The source and the goal of masterful leadership and facilitation — how to access the joyful space that embraces paradoxes and allows intuitive magic to unfold in life through synchronicities and flow.

To make ourselves able to fulfill our goals, we constantly refresh ourselves with cutting-edge developments. Surely, we deliver the basics. Moreover, our emphasis is on furbishing you with the state of the art.

What is Kabule’s structure?

Under a blue sky
I can become a
Virtual corporation.

(from 101 Corporate Haiku by William Warriner)

At Kabule, we, the trainers and facilitators, move beyond space and structure for better service delivery. This openness makes us more versatile and accessible. Therefore, instead of staffs, we have a rich network of over 30 national and international trainers and coaches associated with us. We can offer you the services of ones who will best suit your needs and budget. This flexible structure has made us much effective in terms of cost and quality of service delivery.