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What if you could "live" a different life for three days and "experience" a different side of yourself?

Date: 7th to 11th October

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Netra pd. Upadhaya, Plan Nepal

Really it was wonderful four days for me and I would like to thank and express gratitude to Kiran and Rajendra and my organization for this opportunity. It has helped me to revitalize my knowledge, skill, attitude and enhanced the professional quality. Please keep your good work for the betterment of humankind in this world.
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Rajesh Pathak
Business Consultant

Phone: 981 346 1049
Email : kabuleader@gmail.com

Training > Coaching For Performance at Workplace with NLP


With the evolving new demands for excellence in workplace, it is quite evident that demands on Leaders to effectively lead their people for individual and organizational success will drastically change. Gone are the days of traditional management approaches of command and control. The present “knowledge edged workforce” requires a new approach. To deal with this forward looking, technically savvy, creative and innovative professionals attracted more by working environment that encourages self directed learning, the new Millennium leaders will need a revolutionary education and training. A Coach – Leader is need of the time. We believe that ‘Coaching for Performance at Workplace with NLP’ will be able to meet this demand.

Coaching is now widely accepted as one of the most powerful processes in maximizing personal, professional and organizational growth and success. Sir John Whitmore, in his book ‘Performance Coaching’, states that: Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them.

This course will help Leaders, Managers and Supervisors to acquire insights, knowledge, understanding and practical skills of coaching which can be easily applied with great success at their workplaces. The training will enable you to:

  • 1. Acquire coaching skills to maximize individual and team performance
  • 2. Help individual access their potential for achieving their personal and professional goals
  • 3. Inspire and influence people to motivate and develop themselves into leaders
  • 4. Help them manage change
  • 5. Build a learning organization using specific NLP communication techniques

In short, it will enable you to : Develop yourself as a ‘Coach-Leader’; inspire your people to lead themselves by staying focused on their goals, create right attitude and action, overcome obstacles, track progress and stay motivated all the time.

Learning Outcomes: It will be an interactive learning process. Throughout the program you will have constant opportunities to practice your new skills, discuss your progress, ask questions and get supportive feedback from your Trainer. The program will include:

  • 1. Defining Coaching for Performance and it Process
  • 2. Introduction to Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), the new Art and Science of Excellence and applying the following tools and techniques in CFP.
  • 3. Goal Setting: Creating compelling goals for your people
  • 4. Rapport Building: Establishing coaching relationship
  • 5. Specific NLP Communication Techniques including Hypnotic Language used in coaching
  • 6. Developing Empowering Belief: Harnessing the potential in your people and apply them to achieve professional and organizational success.
  • 7. Learning Strategies: Easy step by step ways to install effective programs that will sustain the new acquired thinking, attitude and behavior pattern in people.
  • 8. Application of Coaching at Workplace: personal action planning: making your learning work for you immediately and most effectively: transforming you to a Coach-Leader and creating positive change in you, your team and organization.

Neuro Linguistic Programing (NLP) often defined as 'The Art and Science of Excellence'. We believe that NLP provides most empowering set of tools for all areas of Coaching.

Who will benefit from this program?

  • 1. Supervisors, Managers, HR professionals and Leaders at all levels
  • 2. Aspiring Coach-leaders

Anyone who wants to unleash the power of Coach-Leader in him/her Coaching for Performance with NLP is a safe and effective process and can be learned and applied by anybody with the desire and passion to build people - help them achieve their maximum potential for their personal, professional and organizational growth and success.