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Heart & Mind of Leadership

What if you could "live" a different life for three days and "experience" a different side of yourself?

Date: 7th to 11th October

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Gaurab S. Thapa, United Telecom

I am highly grateful for providing such a soulful insight in various aspects of life such as creative leadership, responsibility, personal excellence, communication skills, etc. I believe that even if a little bit of this can be implemented in our real life will be really meaningful and fulfilling. All the best for your future success.
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Rajesh Pathak
Business Consultant

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Email : kabuleader@gmail.com

Training > Diploma in NLP

What is NLP?


Diploma in NLP is a dynamic and powerful 3-day NLP course introducing participants to the magical power of NLP often defined as: The Art and Science of Excellence. The full form of NLP is Neuro Linguistic Programming. Neuro means our mind, Linguistic is language that we use and Programming is how we combine  the power of our mind and language to get outstanding results to create a life we have always dreamt of: Healthy, Wealthy with Loving Relationship with Self, Others and the World that we live in.

The secret of NLP is now used by world’s most successful leaders, managers, trainers, therapist, educators and many more professionals. The program will introduce some of the most dynamic and powerful tools that human mind has ever created to lead a life of professional and personal higher efficacy and value. And the best part of NLP is that anybody can learn and apply it instantly and get outstanding results.

After the completion of this course the participants are eligible to pursue more advanced certified courses in NLP:

  • 1. Certified NLP Practitioner’s Training
  • 2. Certified NLP Master Practitioner’s Training
  • 3. Certified NLP Trainers Training

This training will enable you to:

  • 1. Develop different styles of leadership and management that you can naturally demonstrate according to the demand and signs of the times and produce great results.
  • Set Compelling Goals and Achieve them Naturally
  • Communicate your vision and goals effectively and attract people to share your vision.
  • Understand the mindset of your people and deal with any issues with new and fresh perspective and achieve excellence and success
  • Understand what diversity is and how it defers from traditional EEO (Equal Employment Opportunity) compliance; improve insights and skills in managing and putting diversity advantages to work
  • Understand Perceptual Positions: Why other people behave as they do as you learn to begin to see things through their eyes, and also through the eyes of a detached observer
  • Build Rapport and Develop Strong, Rewarding and Lasting Relationship
  • Acquire and Develop Powerful Communication Skills valuable for Coaching, Mentoring, Negotiation and Winning People to your side
  • Inspire and influence people to motivate and develop themselves
  • Access and Anchor your Potential for Achieving your Personal and Professional Goals
  • Develop Practical Knowledge, Skill, Behavior and Attitude to improve your Personal and Professional Growth and Success
  • Build a learning organization using specific NLP communication techniques
  • Application at Workplace: Personal Action Planning: making your learning work for you immediately and most effectively: Transforming you to a Leader-Manager and creating positive change in you, your team and organization
  • Be a role model of excellence

Learning Outcomes

It will be an interactive learning process. Throughout the program you will have constant opportunities to practice your new skills, discuss your progress, ask questions and get supportive feedback from your trainer.

The program will include:

  • History and Development of NLP
  • Communication Model: It is one of the most important and unique NLP models that will help you to understand how we receive external raw data and process them and how they affect the way we think, feel and act.
  • NLP Presuppositions: These are three guiding principles of NLP. Upon these assumptions we build our future goals and achieve success every time we use them..
  • Well Formed Outcome: You may have some dreams you don’t believe you’ll ever achieve. NLP has a formula for you to learn and to use to help you bring your dreams into reach by changing them into a Well Formed Outcome.
  • Sensory Acuity: Helps you to be aware of your senses and fine tune them to understand others and bring instant changes and create great rapport.
  • Building Rapport: Helps you to build likeability turning yourself into a powerful magnet attracting and hypnotizing people with great ease and style.
  • Representational Systems: The way our brain uses our five senses to experience the world and create our model of the world.
  • Meta and Milton Models of Hypnotic Language : This is the Linguistic part of NLP. You will learn and practice specific language patterns for building Rapport, Likeability and to get inside the mind of other people and understand their model of the world.
  • Anchoring, Reframing and Metaphor: Three key techniques of NLP that will help you perform your task as a leader/manager in most efficient way.
  • Meta Programs: These are those deeply programmed automatic responses and preferences we have that determine how we will go about making sense of our world, and how and why we react the way we do. Learning a few basic Meta Programs will help. This is the Programming part of NLP
  • Teambuilding: Practical magic to energize participation and commitment in groups and to enable huge shifts in self, teams in terms of smoothening the process of teambuilding and the key areas of responsibility, accountabilities in teams
  • Coaching for Performance: Develop yourself as a ‘Coach-Leader’; inspire your people to lead themselves by staying focused on their goals, create right attitude and action, overcome obstacles, track progress and stay motivated all the time
  • The Power of Goal Setting: Personal Action Planning making your learning work for you immediately and most effectively : creating positive change in you, your team and organization

The above mentioned NLP Core Skills provide a thorough grounding in management and takes individuals to a higher level of excellence.

Who will benefit from this program?

  • Anyone who wants to “Unleash the Power Within” and has a passion for living a life of your choice and also helping others to make their life most fruitful and rewarding and thus contributing to world peace and harmony.
  • Most rewarding for Supervisors, Managers, HR professionals, Social Development Workers, Entrepreneurs, Trainer-Facilitators, Leaders at all levels and those who want to be Certified NLP Trainers.

NLP is a safe and effective process and can be learned and applied by anybody with the desire and passion to build oneself and others – achieve their maximum potential for their personal, professional and organizational growth and success.