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Kopila Dangol (Actionaid)

I have not speculate that training can be in this form. There is not much framework and guidelines. Still it was wonderful. NLP can be used anywhere, anytime. I will start with myself and believe that it will surely bring change in my life.
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Rajesh Pathak
Business Consultant

Phone: 981 346 1049
Email : kabuleader@gmail.com

Ensuring WORLD CLASS Customer Delight

Life Changing Motivational Training Program [A two day intensive workshop]

Workshop Overview

This highly interactive and motivational training will make the participants learn the concepts associated with how to identify what their customers want. They will also learn how to give what their customers want.

Participants will be made to appreciate that customers are human and that they have human needs. This highly inspiring and enjoyable workshop will help them learn how to identify their customers’ total needs and wants and ensure that your company value offering is a world class need gap filler!

Delighting your customers is the key to success. Enjoy life whilst delighting your customers. Make it a way of life; be it at office, workplace, home, society or where ever…. ….. Ensuring World Class Customer Delight! This is not only the title of this life changing workshop. It is also its essence.   

Benefits to participants

This workshop will inspire the participants to:

  • Identify what our customers expect from us
  • Give what our customers want
  • Identify the fundamental differences between customer satisfaction and customer delight
  • Appreciate the fundamentals of service excellence
  • Understand the critical success factors of delighting our customers
  • Learn how to build a world class customer delighting team
  • Realize the danger of NOT handling customer complains efficiently
  • Master the art of delighting our customers
  • Develop their knowledge, skills and attitudes in retaining our existing customers
  • Appreciate the importance of a team in delighting customers

Workshop Contents

  • Identify what our customers’ needs and wants
  • Giving what the customer wants
  • Igniting the passion for world class customer delight
  • Fundamental of service excellence
  • Customer Satisfaction Vs Customer delight
  • Understanding the customers’ total expectations
  • Through the eyes of your customers
  • Importance of a team in WORLD CLASS Customer Delight


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About Kabule

Kabule – the Wise Leader is an international training institute based in Kathmandu. It is official representative of Success Factory among other international institutes.