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Manorama Sunuwar

I had once got the opportunity to attend training of Kabule. It was wonderful. Trainers were competent on their subject matter and the management was superb!!! It was worth attending the training!! Thank you Rajendra ji for the opportunity.
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Rajesh Pathak
Business Consultant

Phone: 981 346 1049
Email : kabuleader@gmail.com

Finding Joy at Work

  … stress management and beyond
    … to find meaning and joy in life and at work

In today’s fast-paced world, adding value to our existence require finding meaning in our work.

Finding Joy at Work, as the name suggests, helps us acquire just that by exploring ways through which we can make our presence and purpose in our professional lives more profound and consequential. A session that is interactive, engaging and highly experiential, it is has been designed to help us deeply re-connect with our inner awareness, each other, and our highest purpose as individuals and as a community of people working together to attain the organizational goal.

Our effectiveness as an individual and a group augments when our actions are guided and preceded by open and honest dialogue, intent listening and reflection upon our lives. In a group, the program can facilitate a high degree of trust, mutual understanding, openness to diverse views, clarity of thought, among other factors.

This course will help the learner-participant improve their ability to bring more joy and presence to work, while at the same time enable them to relate to others with more eloquence and compassion. Several practical processes will be shared during the session that can be applied instantaneously to enhance our joy, meaning and contribution at work so that our jobs are actually an extension of our selves.

Program objectives and learning outcomes

  • Find broader meaning and happiness in life and at work, access oneself to the secret of cheerful relationship with self and others
  • Increase awareness, identify sources and symptoms of stress
  • Develop personal strategies for building resilience and bounce back to joyful self with ease
  • Apply concepts in building and maintaining synergetic supportive teams
  • Formulate personal plan and set goals for implementation of the learning at workplace.

From this program, you will:

Learn Principles of Happiness & Wellbeing:
  • Discover the “Myth of Stress”
  • Learn to chose to be happy:  “Happiness is a choice”
  • Learn practical methods to at from being in the NOW

Raise energy level:

  • Find yourself vibrant and energetic from morning to whole day
  • Increase performance without adding stress
  • Vibrate positive energy that inspires people around to spontaneously become positive

Rognize the Inner Coach:

  • Discover your inner voice that is always providing you with creative options instead of being reactive
  • Learn to live and lead your life with optimism
  • Explore your inner strength and power to lead a holistic life



Core Contents:

  • The secrets of joyful living and relationships
  • Stress - Basics and identifying personal and work-related causes of Stress (stress triggers, pressures and responses – creative response beyond fight or flight)
  • Understanding Body-Mind-Energy complex at a much deeper level. Experiencing ourselves as energy beings.
  • Levels of consciousness and its linkages to health. Research data based scientific-spiritual connection!
  • Developing powerful mindset: Guiding our thinking and emotions to manifest better health. Replacing negative suppositions with positive and powerful presuppositions.
  • NLP presuppositions and tools to access resources within
  • Body-Mind exercises (physical exercise, Massage, Breath-work, healthy postures, and Meditations)
  • Integrating health and energy practices into our daily routine
  • Handling real life Stress practically – Raising ones’ energy, changing stress generating patterns, developing life skills
  • Relationships and Health – managing interpersonal conflicts and difficult conversations
  • Self-healing


  • Conventional Methods (role plays, live case studies, team games, energizers & icebreakers, lively dialogues)
  • Individual reflection exercises
  • Peer coaching sessions
  • Brainstorming in subgroups and plenary
  • Awakening meditative flow and play
  • Out-door activities
  • NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming)
  • Action Planning


R. Manandhar is a professional trainer, executive life coach and psychological counselor. With two decades of leadership and managerial experience in international organizations under his belt, he has been helping people better develop their personal and professional excellence for the last seven years. His programs have touched the lives of hundreds of people, who claim to have been positively transformed following their participation.

While leading Kabule-the Wise Leader and NLP Nepal Catalyst for Transformation, he is the focal person in designing and delivering trainings particularly on leadership, management and team building exercises. He is also a certified NLP trainer from ICTA and Makani Academy (Denmark and Cyprus). He has received trainings on inspiring leadership, Gestalt, mindfulness and Positive Psychology from internationally reputed trainers.

He has also been a regular columnist in several magazines on leadership and personal development. He has contributed to Yubamunch monthly youth digest for two years; and at present he has been contributing to The Himalayan Times (Nepal’s No. 1 English daily) as a columnist of the ‘Leadership League’ since 2010.

Manandhar has been a Buddhist monk for five years studying and practicing Buddhism in Thailand. He is studying Eastern philosophy and practicing yoga and meditations.