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Heart & Mind of Leadership

What if you could "live" a different life for three days and "experience" a different side of yourself?

Date: 7th to 11th October

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Dijo K. Jonh, Kiran Village, Varanasi (India)

It was an excellent workshop. Now there is a new TURNING POINT which helps me in my field.It was nourishing and there was good atmosphere for the workshop – one to one experience.
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Rajesh Pathak
Business Consultant

Phone: 981 346 1049
Email : kabuleader@gmail.com

Leading with Mindfulness

This is not merely a program. It is an adventure –to unfold the highest in you, to learn, to inspire and to awaken leadership in a diversity of realities– Corporates, NGOs, schools, families and community.

The program is holistic and works at 4 levels:

  • Thinking (Mind),
  • Feeling (Heart) and
  • Being (Essence) which inform
  • Conscious Action.

Learning to build and enable powerful relationships out of learning 4 vital attitude-skills:

  • Deep Listening (connecting with the heart and world of the other person)
  • Authentic Speaking (connecting with one’s own heart and inner reality)
  • Curious Questioning (learning to evoke wonder)
  • Profound Silence (out of which powerful action is born)

This is then learnt in a very practical way through creative methods so as to enable participants to discover insight, integration and powerful leadership and team working.

The program will traverse a dual journey of –

  • ‘Doing' of a Leader: The key skill sets required to be a more facilitating, enabling and empowering leader
  • 'Being' of a Leader: Self  Mastery, Creativity, Values & Vision Empowering Mindsets


  • Self-change through self-awareness (know your strategy)
  • Communication with mindfulness
  • Understanding emotions and dealing with them
  • Compassion into action
  • Discovering responsibility
  • Conflict handling
  • Time management
  • Living with mindfulness
    … … can be many more which emerges in the group.


The methodology blends the best of the East & West. Increasingly the boundaries between the mystical eastern approaches & the practical business paradigms are melting. It’s like being taken on a magical journey and yet having one’s feet on the ground.

  • Conventional methods (role plays, live case studies, team games, energizers   &ice-breakers, lively dialogues)
  • Presencing
  • Awakening meditative flow & play
  • Outdoor activities
  • Gestalt
  • Facilitation from here and now and recognize whatever emerges

Expected Participants:

This course is designed for middle and senior level executives and NGO leaders whose role demands working with and leading a team. This course is also useful to HR people, trainers, facilitators and counselors.

Duration: 3 days


R. Manandhar is a trainer, executive life coach and psychological counselor. With two decades of leadership and managerial experience in international organizations under his belt, he has been helping people better develop their excellence for the last seven years. His programs have touched the lives of hundreds of people, who claim to have been positively transformed following their participation.

While leading ‘Kabule-the Wise Leader’, he is the focal person in designing and delivering trainings particularly on leadership, management and team building. He is also a certified NLP trainer from ICTA and Makani Academy (Denmark and Cyprus). He has received trainings on inspiring leadership, Gestalt, Mindfulness and Positive Psychology from internationally reputed trainers.

He has also been a regular columnist in several magazines on leadership and personal development. At present he has been contributing to The Himalayan Times (Nepal’s larges selling English daily) as a columnist of the ‘Leadership League’ since 2010.

Manandhar has been a Buddhist monk for five years studying and practicing Buddhism in Thailand.