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Heart & Mind of Leadership

What if you could "live" a different life for three days and "experience" a different side of yourself?

Date: 7th to 11th October

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Sanuja Bhat, Ncell

I was very excited to get this training. Really it was very helpful to overcome stress. We learned many tips to get rid of stress, and I will be applying those in my life. Thank you for this training.
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Rajesh Pathak
Business Consultant

Phone: 981 346 1049
Email : kabuleader@gmail.com

Training > Simplicity : How to do and be more with less

‘Understanding evolves through three phases : simplistic, complex and profoundly simple’ - William Schutz, Profound Simplicity

The changing times are clearly signalling the end of business-as usual. There is a need to reinvent business. This involves relooking at human thinking, the domain of feeling and action – all born out of being. Some shifts that at one level are obvious, and yet oblivious to many are:

  • Leadership to Co-creative Leadership
  • Hierarchical organisations to Hyperlinked ecologies
  • Markets are conversations
  • Force to Power (Enforce to Empower)
  • Tangible to Intangible
  • Linear, sequential paradigms to networked realities
  • Newtonian (separate) views to Quantum (connected) visions
  • The work ethic to the play ethic
  • Battling with time (Pace) and scarcity to making friends with Space and abundance

Interestingly, the focus on Passion, In-touch and Entrepreneurship recognises the end of business-as-usual and yet, there are many a slip between the cup and the lip. The key questions are :

  • How do we really evoke passion? Not merely genuine compliance or enrolment but profound commitment?
  • What does it mean to be in touch? While the technology is falling into place, what about the human element- making the mind and heart shifts?
  • How do we co-create a culture which rewards and inspires enterprise in the individual and in teams aligned to the organisation?

The quest for growth will be born out of not merely knowing but living these values. This has not been easy for many to grasp. Though it is visible in many ways. The economic crisis, the internet phenomena, breakdown in existing structures in industry and in personal lives.

‘It is very difficult teach things which are obvious because the mind takes them for granted and moves on to something more complicated which is presumed to be more valuable. Attention to the obvious can be very effective’ – Edward de Bono

Peter Senge said, ‘Small changes can bring forth great results but the points of leverage are the least obvious’ The endeavour needs to be to locate these leverage points which can be contacted when the noise of the mind settles and we contact an intuitive knowing.

How do we, as individuals, groups and organisations prepare for this tumultuous change. In our lifetime, we have not experienced a revolution of this magnitude. There is shift in consciousness that is being asked of us. Is it possible to make this shift in a simple way- or will we get caught with the complicated? There is a need to see beneath the surface. The new game has different rules. Command and control is shifting to Inspire and Co-create. We need to learn to embrace paradoxes and discover what does it mean to live in integrity. Go beyond appearances and see the truth.

‘The skillful are not obvious. They appear simpleminded. They know the larger patterns. To know the patterns is the subtle power’ - David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D

The session will give a glimpse of

  • An experiential understanding of what does it mean to approach business in a simple way – to see the patterns beneath that which appears complicated
  • Simple tools that can enable individual and teams to make the shift
  • What it means inhabit the new world with its new rules and how might one led go of tired paradigms of the past.