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What if you could "live" a different life for three days and "experience" a different side of yourself?

Date: 7th to 11th October

Customer feedback

Ram Das Chaudhary (Plan Nepal)

It has been easy to get approval from my office for this program because many of my colleagues have been to Kabule’s programs and they shared positive impacts. This training taught me that, for change, we need to empower ourselves psychologically too. This training made me realized that if one person who eats rice can do something why not another man who eats rice can not do the same thing? This is empowering. Definitely this training will bring changes in me and, as a Manager, in my teambuilding. Another lesson I learnt from this training is, “Doing is understanding”.
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Rajesh Pathak
Business Consultant

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Building and Bonding a WORLD CLASS Team

Life Changing Motivational Program [A two day intensive workshop]

Workshop Overview

A highly inspiring, highly interactive and truly life changing motivational training session that will inspire participants to master the concepts of building and bonding a world class team for world class results.

“Building and Bonding a World Class Team” is all about coming together, staying together, working together and succeeding together.

Make no mistake about this: Build a world class team and fail to bond it: your team will be part of another team tomorrow. Avoid the cardinal mistake of being the training and development department of your competitor!

A must attend program for every leader who wishes not only to build but also to bond a world class team that will stick together on a long term vision.

An enjoyable session filled with positive energy and full of thought provoking content it is often described by participants as “one of the best training experiences in my life.”

Yes, this workshop will be one of the greatest life changing training experiences in your life!            
That is our promise!      

Benefits to participants

This workshop will inspire the participants to:

  • Identify the fundamental differences between a team and a world class team.
  • Understand the critical success factors of world class team building.
  •  Learn how to build a world class team in ones organization.
  •  Realize the danger of building and NOT bonding a world class team.
  •  Master the art of bonding a world class team.
  •  Develop their knowledge, skills and attitudes in building team spirit.
  •  Become a WORLD CLASS leader.
  •  Keep things simple and focus on the absolute essentials for success.
  •  Motivate their team members to go the extra mile for greater productivity.
  • Develop the passion to take your organization to world class standards.

Workshop Contents

  • Back to basics: Why a team?
  • What makes a team a WORLD CLASS team?
  • Building a WORLD CLASS team: KSF’s
  • WORLD CLASS team for WORLD CLASS productivity
  • Leading a WORLD CLASS team
  • Back to basics: What bonds a WORLD CLASS team?
  • Emotional Intelligence: The glue that bonds a WORLD CLASS team?
  • Bonding a WORLD CLASS team


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About Kabule

Kabule – the Wise Leader is an international training institute based in Kathmandu. It is official representative of Success Factory among other international institutes.