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"I already used Kiran's techniques - the time I invested … really helped them discover alternatives in a way that they would not have had I as usual, simply and quickly laid down the law. Thanks."
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Rajesh Pathak
Business Consultant

Phone: 981 346 1049
Email : kabuleader@gmail.com

Sales Champions
A training for professionals in Selling

Sales Champions is a dynamic and power packed program to supercharge sales professionals in an organization. As the world is going through a most challenging business period the need to develop and empower sales professionals and bring the best in them cannot be ignored. They need new ways of thinking and acting to combat the different challenges posed by the ever changing market.  This program will prepare people in sales to become Champions in Sales.

The training will use many successful tools and techniques and among them are the secrets of NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming) now used by world’s most successful salesmen to supercharge their sales.  The program will introduce some of the most dynamic and powerful tools that human mind has ever created to improve sales. And the best part of NLP is that anybody can learn and apply it instantly and get outstanding results.

This training will enable you to:

  • Set compelling sales goals and targets and achieve them naturally.
  • Build Rapport and Develop Strong, Rewarding and Lasting Relationship with customers and prospective buyers, pace and lead to buy your product with full satisfaction.
  • Acquire and Develop Powerful Communication and Influencing Skills valuable for opening and closing Sales, Negotiation, handling objections and Winning People to your side.
  • Motivate yourself all the time and access and anchor your potential for achieving your sales targets.
  • Develop Practical Knowledge, Skill, Behavior and Attitude to improve your sales in a short period of time.
  • Develop a strong self belief, attitude and assertiveness to take any sales challenges with ease.
  • Make sales success a habit.

The 3-day Program will include following sessions:

  • The salesperson as manager and leader
  • Rapport Building : Relationship skills with verbal and non-verbal techniques
  • Voice Coaching
  • Modeling: build compelling personality of a salesman by modeling successful salesmen
  • The art and skills of communication: Realizing communication is more than communication
  • Sales Communication Skills: Use of power packed words, phrases and sentences
  • Developing the art of natural influencer
  • Hypnotic Sales Language: learn hypnotic language to enter in the customers mind and understand their need and fulfill them with ease
  • Power of effective questioning and listening in sales
  • Representational System: to understand people’s buying strategies and match with them for successful selling
  • Resource Anchoring: plant empowering beliefs to build your mental muscles and boost your sales
  • Programs People Use: Understand clients internal programs and use them in meeting their needs
  • Sales Call: To make sales call with more enthusiasm and optimism and arouse the client’s interest in the product or service
  • Open and Close Sales: Learn how to open and close sales with success
  • Handle Objections: Learn how to handle objection questions in selling and turn them into your advantage
  • Handle Sales Stress: Learn to keep healthy in mind, body and spirit using meditation and visualization techniques
  • Ethics and etiquette in selling
  • Goal Setting: Build a personal sales plan and achieve them with joy.


It will be an interactive learning process. Throughout the program you will have constant opportunities to practice your new skills, discuss your progress, ask questions and get supportive feedback from your trainer.