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Date: 7th to 11th October

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Dijo K. Jonh, Kiran Village, Varanasi (India)

It was an excellent workshop. Now there is a new TURNING POINT which helps me in my field.It was nourishing and there was good atmosphere for the workshop – one to one experience.
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Rajesh Pathak
Business Consultant

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Training > Social Mobilization – Strategy for Social Transformation

Introduction and Objectives

Social mobilization is a change strategy that contributes in social transformation. Social mobilization is found to be instrumental in brining change in customary discriminatory and exclusive practices and contributes to establishment of new non-discriminatory and inclusive systems through institutionalization process. Social mobilization also helps to create credible pressure for effective implementation and or necessary modification of policies.

The objective of this five-day course is to impart basic principles of social mobilization and its relevance in social transformation. The training also aim at enhancing social mobilization skills that include methods of ensuring meaningful participation of excluded groups, equitable distribution of resources, enabling excluded communities in asserting their rights and bargaining & negotiating skill.


  • Interactive presentations
  • Lively lecture sessions
  • Brain storming in plenary
  • Buzz group work
  • Group works on given tasks/ presentation & discussion
  • Lots of exercises based on practical examples and experiences


  • Conceptual Clarification on Social Change and Social Transformation
  • Importance and Relevance of Social Mobilization for Social Transformation
  • Steps of Social Mobilization
  • Situational Analysis
  • Identification Issue for Social Mobilization
  • Building Alliances
  • Planning for Social Mobilization
  • Implementation of Social Mobilization
  • Review

Target Participants :

Mid level managers, program officers, board members and activist/leaders

Trainer :

Basu Dev Neupane ( Please see The Team for trainers' profile )